【Description of job】

1.Collect daily employees’attendance record;

2.Express delivery management;

3.Responsible for ordering water, printing business cards, printers and elevators maintenance, vehicle management, booking hotel and tickets and other daily works;

4. Responsible for the initial recruitment related affairs.

Job Requirements:

1.Perfer to graduate majoring in administrative, secretarial and other related majors, college degree or above;

2. More than one year experience in administration or related field;

3. Familiar with administrative procedures, skilled use of office software;

4. Cheerful, enthusiasm, positive, enthusiasm, patient, good communication and coordination ability;

5.Office management experience is preferred.

Business Assistant

【Description of job】

1.Pick up the 800 service hotline and dispatch, tracking and reporting;

2.Customer satisfaction survey, to ensure the quality and quantity of customer survey and tracking report;

3.Customer complaint handling, distribution and tracking;

4.Assist engineers to chase customers payment;

5.Entry the maintenance report data in maintenance system to ensure data integrity, uniformity and accuracy;

6.Summary the maintenance reports, installation reports, warranty reports, and other related documents;

7.Engineers’ expense accounts approval;

8.Assist engineers to prepare spare parts quotation;

9.Assist the logistics department to complete accessories and delivery.

Job Requirements:

1.College degree or above;

2.Familiar with office software and computer skills, typing fastly;

3.Strong sense of team, careful, responsible, cheerful, good affinity;

4. Good written and spoken, standard Mandarin; good communication skills, strong sense of service; planning and the rational of work;

5. Good English.

Welcome fresh graduates to apply this position!

Medical Equipment Technical Engineer

【Description of job】

1.Responsible for the medical equipment installation commissioning and after-sale service support;

2. Responsible for the installation commissioning and troubleshooting of the company's products, the products showing and application testing;

3.By telephone, live and other ways to assist users or agents to solve product application and maintenance;

4.According to the needs of the company, providing technology training of the products application for users.

Job Requirements:

1.College degree or above, majoring in the medical engineering, electronic and mechanical engineering;

2.Strong English reading ability, computer operation and mechanical skills;

3.Have one year experience in medical equipment company;

4.Good communication, strong practical ability;

5. Work seriously, responsible and sense of confidentiality;

6.Work location: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei.

Financial Executive

【Description of job】

1.Assist finance director to write the financial plan, the financial budget of the company;

2.Responsible for monitoring the implementation of the budget;

3.Assist finance manager to prepare, audit the financial statistics report;

4.Responsible for timely providing the data, cost statistics, strategic analysis reports. 

Job Requirements:

1.Financial, auditing, finance and other related majors, college degree or above;

2.Two years working experience in accounting, accounting certificate or CPA qualification is preferred;

3. Familiar with the accounting process;

4. Strong financial information statistics, forecast, analysis ability;

5. Good organization and coordination ability, communication ability and the bearing capacity.

Finance Manager

【Description of job】

1.Establish and continuously improve the company's financial accounting, management, auditing and other related systems and ensure its effectiveness and legitimacy;

2.Make the company's annual financial plan, regularly according to the implementation situation timely adjust to suit the needs of the organization's strategic development;

3. Responsible for the company's overall financial supervision, analye the company's economic activities in order to provide the basis for business decisions;

4. Responsible for monthly and annual reports, financial analysis report and report to management group;

5. Correctly and reasonably arrange funds, track and monitor the use of funds and control the risk of cost management;

6. Fixed assets, floating capital and special fund management;

7. Organize and implement the company's financial audit and accounting audit.

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in finance, economics or related, CPA qualification is preferred;

2. Five years working experience, 3 years financial experience in group company, has a comprehensive financial professional knowledge, accounting treatment and financial management ability;

3. Familiar with national tax laws and regulations, familiar with accounting standards, have excellent professional judgment ability;

4. A high sense of responsibility, integrity and compression ability, strict and detail oriented, good communication and coordination ability and executive ability.


Finance Assistant (Welcome Intern)

【Description of job】

1.Assist supervisor to complete daily work, handling accounts;

2.Apply notes, purchase invoices, prepare and submit accounting report, to assist in declaring the tax report;

3.Cash and bank payment processing, make accounting vouchers, bank reconciliation, review the documents, open out and keep the invoices;

4.Assist the accounting documents preparation, filing and storage;

5.Fixed assets and low value consumable registration and management;

6.Responsible for the international liaison of banking, taxation and other departments.

Job Requirements:

1.Finance, accounting, economics and other related professional major, college degree or above;

2.Good accounting knowledge and English ability, accounting work experience is preferred;

3.Familiar with the cash management and bank settlement, financial software;

4.Good occupation ethics and team work spirit, strong communication, understanding and analysis ability;

5.Independent work and learning ability, work carefully.

Medical Device Quality Manager

【Description of job】

1.Understand the system content of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485;

2.Responsible for the quality standard of work in the process of implementation, supervision and rectification;

3.According to the quality target, formulate quality work plan, and assist other departments to organize and implement;

4.Responsible for the quality of information management work and related training;

5.Collect the national quality standards and management policies of medical equipments , and do a good job of the internal publicity and filing;

6.Responsible for quality complaint handling and work rectification.

Job Requirements:

1.Majoring in medical equipment, medical, pharmaceutical and other related professional major, college degree or above;

2.Have quality related working experience in medicine or medical equipment enterprise, the training certificate of drug administration competent department is preferred;

3.Familiar with the operation of office software;

4. Have good communication and analysis ability, the spirit of team cooperation, and work carefully, strong sense of responsibility.

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