Pangbo Company at present and several medical device manufacturers established strategy cooperative relations

mainly majestic relying on professional technical team, perfect medical equipment service management experience, medical equipment factory to help solve the equipment sales after the encounter technical problems, providing services to help, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, to achieve more customer satisfaction!

Medical Equipment Operation Management System

The management system of the system of customized technical service for medical manufacturers. Through the information management technology can reduce costs and improve efficiency!

Pangbo company independent research and development of a set of after-sale service of medical equipment management information system(MEOMS). System main content involves the whole process of equipment service, including: the whole process of installation acceptance, regular maintenance, equipment maintenance, information reporting and other until the equipment obsolescence, help original factory to achieve the systematic management of the whole life cycle of the equipment.

  • The implementation of process management through detailed life equipment
  • Service cycle, fault analysis, fault repair records, equipment failure rate, customer satisfaction etc
  • The technical service personnel KPI, maintenance progress tracking, maintenance record progress status
  • Real time information - upload equipment, equipment positioning etc

Collection and use convenient majestic medical equipment management system

By the handheld terminal site service

By mobile phone equipment maintenance record

Display equipment service information through real-time sharing of mobile phone

By the background server data collection, provide analysis report

Offices all over China

In China's major cities, the establishment of the 18 offices

stationed in technical personnel, can quickly response customer warranty and consulting,
shorten the cycle of the repair service